Our mission is to help our clients understand the complex web of economic, political, social, cultural, and ideological forces that put their security at risk, and to appropriately mitigate these risks.

Helios Global supports our clients’ efforts to adapt to the modern operating environment. Our world is rife with what the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats characterizes as "coordinated and synchronized action that deliberately targets democratic states’ and institutions systemic vulnerabilities [through] activities [which] exploit the thresholds of detection and attribution.” In the face of such complexity, the U.S. Government is implementing guidance to “eliminate institutional remnants of the obsolete peace/war binary conception of the operating environment.” At Helios, we are focused on modernizing our clients’ understanding of the complexities of this environment, and to help position them to effectively manage risk and opportunity, and to gain advantage.


Helios Global fuses the service and professionalism of a consultancy; the principles and commitment of a social enterprise; and the creative ingenuity of a research institute. Our people - a global network of professionals from a wide variety of disciplines and cultures – are committed to providing nuanced perspectives of security challenges. We give our clients access to creative ideas and innovative solutions to the challenges they face. Helios Global promises apolitical and objective analysis, leading to the most practical applications and solutions.

Helios Global, Inc. is a decentralized, multi-disciplinary team of specialists and subject matter experts who like solving puzzles and prototyping solutions to hard problems. We work with people and organizations who think, plan, and act across bureaucratic silos and spheres of influence. Our research team brings experience from corporate finance, academia, journalism, investigations, mergers and acquisitions, supply chain risk management, and government programs. We support organizations and programs that align with our values.

We have supported allied governments, non-profit organizations, think-tanks, aid and development firms, law firms, universities, and commercial customers in the technology and financial sectors.


Our service offerings include:

  • Research, Studies, and Analysis
  • Enterprise-Level Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessments
  • Supply Chain Risk Management and Entity Vetting
  • Know Your Customer, Enhanced Due Diligence, and Ultimate Beneficial Owner Identification and Analysis
  • Identification of Reputational Risks
  • Design, Development, and Execution of Exercises, Games, Seminars, and Scenario-Based Workshops
  • Training, Education, and Curriculum Design


We also excel at special projects that don’t fit in a box. Ask us.


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